It seems almost too good to be true. After two miserable winters with almost no snow I had given up on the Swedish winter. But suddenly our world has been blanketed in white. There is a quietness, a peace, a light in the darkness, that comes from snow. It is not that cold, just a few degrees below zero. But it has been snowing all day. It is early days, of course, and this early fall will likely melt away before winter really sets in. But if it goes on like this I will be happy, and the Swedish winter will be redeemed in my heart and mind… Is it too much, I wonder, to hope for a white Christmas?

Tomorrow we will get the tires changed on the car, a bit overdue maybe, but who would have expected? In the morning I’ll drag Isak up the hill to school, on a pulka (toboggan)! Much more of this and we will be able to go skiing in the forest!


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