The last holfies postcard from Sweden

I have decided to stop updating this blog, and have started a new blog at My reasoning can be found at that address on the About page. Anyone who might be interested in following my ramblings is welcome to have a look there instead. This “postcards” blog will remain here, but there will be no more posts to this site. 

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “The last holfies postcard from Sweden

  1. Hi David,
    I appreciated your (final) blog post, giving your followers an awareness of your decision to switch to your alternate WordPress site, rather than assuming that you had gone silent and were no longer blogging. I’m now following your alternate WordPress site.

    I must say, you’ve become an active blogger recently, given that you’re also maintaining several other sites, including your family tree WordPress site, which, I must say, appears to be comprehensively researched! No doubt you’ve devoted many hours to these endeavours (in-between your family, job and holidays!)
    Cheers, M.

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