Spring position

It is easy to be negative about Sweden, above all as the long slog of winter grinds on and on and the grey darkness threatens to swallow you up in its melancholic misery. Everything is wrong, everything is tedious, life is just one long drudgery. Then Spring creeps quietly up and suddenly, seemingly overnight, a day like today explodes in such extraordinary beauty that it feels like being in love for the first time, everything is so wonderful and beautiful and nothing is wrong and you can’t stop smiling.

I took the bus home from work today (after a night shift at Lindesberg Hospital) and gazed out at the fields and forest, the birches finally bursting into leaf (they seem greener from one day to the next), the glory of the deep blue sky above me. Arriving at the bus/railway station in central Örebro I saw people sitting in the “Spring position” – leaning backwards against the wall of the bus-shelter, faces upturned to the morning sun, eyes closed, lips unable to conceal a secret smile, spirits laughing somewhere deep down. A sunny Spring-Summer in Sweden must be as close to paradise as one can come on earth.


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