Bottoms up

One of the signs of Spring in our corner of the world is the birds. Perhaps most noticeable are the swans and the geese, which we see flying in formation far above, heading north. The unmistakeable cry of the Canada geese, even if not so beautiful, fills our hearts with hope and happiness, because it is a herald of light and warmth. Summer is coming, our hearts lift. Outside our window smaller birds are hopping around on still branches: I just spotted a red breasted domherre on the fence between our house and the neighbors’. I thought fleetingly that I should try to capture it in a picture, but I know it will be long gone before I can get my camera out. But here is a shot from earlier in the Spring, a few weeks back, when the ice had just started to retreat from the brown waters of Svartån, the river that runs through the middle of Örebro. Not a migratory bird but one of our permanent residents, happy to at least get free access to the delights below the surface.


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