Samuel plays innebandy, which in English speaking countries is called floorball. Before we moved to Sweden he played hockey, but here hockey is on ice, something we Australians are not very familiar with, and ice hockey is a high commitment sport which starts very young. Innebandy was the natural thing for Sam to take up and I think I could safely say that he loves it more than he ever loved hockey.

Floorball has a team usually of between 10 and 15 players, but only five plus a goalie are on the court at any time. The players continually change. The sticks are light with a plastic blade, the balls are hollow and plastic. The game is fast and action packed. There are three periods of 15 minutes each.

We are coming to the end of the season, as Spring tries (at present unsuccessfully) to push the snow away. The competition that Sam’s team, Brickebacken, has been a part of all winter, is all but over. It looks like Brickebacken will end in third place, which they are not entirely happy with, but at the same time represents an improvement on previous years. They have played their last match, but there is still a weekend tournament coming up next month, so training is not yet finished.

For that Samuel is grateful. I don’t think that I would be exaggerating to say that the highlights of Sam’s week are training sessions and matches. Once this season is finished he will be thinking about the next one.

Maria and I have become keen spectators, Maria much more vocal than me. Its always fun to pass an hour or so on a Saturday watching the guys run madly around the gymnasium, whacking wildly at that little plastic ball.


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