Spring: time to resurrect the Sweden blog?

Its Spring in our part of Sweden. At least I think it is. As we were leaving church this morning I was discussing the question of the changing of the seasons with a friend who said the official definition of Spring is a week of consecutive days with an average temperature over zero, freezing point that is. As for us, here in Örebro it has been up to 8 degrees in the last week; it is 4 outside as I write. We have had glorious sunshine for most of the past week and the snow is melting fast. However, many lakes are still frozen and we still see people walking along the road with cross country skis over their shoulders, heading for the forest skiing tracks. The snow sparkles in the sunshine. The sky is blue. The air is crisp. It is almost painfully beautiful, especially as the sun sets and the sky turns to orange against the dark serrated horizon of silent firs.

The hope of Spring inspires me to start writing again, blogging that is, as I used to, from here in Sweden. The last entry was nearly a year and a half back, from Australia. I have toyed with ideas for other blogs, even written some entries in Swedish for a blog I started during our year in Australia, "Vykort från Australien." Since we have have been back in this cold northern land for the last 7 months, through the decline of autumn and the cold darkness of winter, I have felt had little inspiration to write, no idea what I should write about. But we are on the verge of Spring. Life is returning to the frozen north, and I am determined to start writing my "postcards" again, with a little about our life, my thoughts and reflections, our adventures and struggles and dreams.

I will begin with a scene that forced me to stop and take a photo the other day as I drove home from work in Karlskoga. Couldn’t drag my eyes away: sunset over Våtsjön (literal translation – the wet lake).


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