Retiring the Sweden blog

We are back in Australia. The Swedish summer is over and back “home” in Sweden our friends and family are experiencing autumn rains with temperatures dropping and days drawing in. Long light evenings of summer are being replaced by cosy evenings by the fire. But for us “down under” the days get warmer, even if nights are still chilly. The kids can’t get over how dark it is at night here. Clear skies crowded with stars.

It is time for this blog to go into recess. I have hardly written during the summer; all my spare time was taken up with packing and organizing and cleaning. We hardly had a Swedish summer holiday this year. We escaped to the UK for 10 days at the end of August to have a break before we flew out of Sweden on September 6. It seemed that only by escaping the country could we escape the stress of packing and leaving.

But there were some happy days this summer and some memorable times. Below are some pictures that tell that story. But after this entry the “Postcards from Sweden” will stop, for the time being at least. I am toying with the idea of writing a Swedish language blog called “Vykort från Australien” – the same idea but from the other side of the world, and in another language. How else will I keep up the rudimentary language skills that I have attained these last five years. If nothing else such a blog would be a laugh for my awful Swedish. But as always its the pictures that tell the best story, and they translate to any language… If such a blog comes into being I will be sure to link to it here.

Swimming at Multen:



A visit from the Rutherfords:



Diving in at Hargebaden:


Sunny day at Varumon:



Baptism at Hjälmargården:


Goodbyes at Ugglebo:


5 thoughts on “Retiring the Sweden blog

  1. Det är klart du ska skriva en svensk blogg, så vi vet hur ni har det. Och nej, din svenska är mycket bra. Jag läser ju dina journaler dagligen. Du vet, dina tanters, de som väntar på dig. Jag förstår att det inte bara är att svischa om och sedan bli “ett” med nästa land, trots att det är hemlandet. Och nu går ni mot sommar. Jag är glad över den sommar vi fickom än ganska regnig. Men den ger ändå nya krafter, allt får gå i sin egen takt, ingen ropar på hjälp eller öppnar dörren mitt i diktatet.
    Men Australien, hoppas vi kan resa dit en dag. Först blir det dock Nepal och Panama (om 1 år). God natt från Örebro och Eva

    • OK, nu har jag börjat en blogg på svenska. Se länk under blogroll till höger! Tack för dina kommentarer. Du är alltid så snäll Eva. Hälsa alla där hemma!

  2. Hi David,

    Welcome home. (Where is ‘home’ for you?)
    It was a surprise to read in an earlier blog of your intention to return to Australia.
    I’ve enjoyed following your blog periodically over the last few years. It does take some effort and consistency to keep a blog active and relevant – my own (almost inactive) blog is a case in point.
    Are you back in Tamworth? Do you have a schedule to return to Sweden again in the future?
    No doubt Pete and your other family members are pleased to have your family back in Australia again.

    Cheers, Matthew.

    • Thanks Matthew! We are housesitting for some friends outside Tamworth. They are traveling in the UK. Scheduled return to Sweden is June 2012. Maybe I’ll resurrect the blog then. In the meantime I have started a Swedish version about Australia – “vykort från australien”. See blogroll. We saw Peter and Sarah yesterday. It is good to be close to family again.
      Regards, David

      • David, strange as it may sound, I’m glad to hear that you’re all scheduled to return to Sweden next year. I had wondered if you may have actually ‘given up’ on Sweden – The issue with obtaining a Swedish Drivers Licence being perhaps a small example of possible frustrations with Swedish society.

        Keep up the new blog – I’m sure your Swedish friends are looking forward to your updates and it would certainly be a terrific way to keep your Swedish language skills active!


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