I have come to understand.

Just now we stood gazing out an upstairs window across rooftops, beyond trees, to fireworks exploding over the castle in the middle of town. The darkening sky beyond was tinged with the fading orange light of the sunken sun, the clock past ten.

Fireworks on the last of April are no longer a curiosity for me. I have lived through enough winters in Sweden to understand the celebration. The end of the darkness. Spring is here; summer is coming. Halleluja!

In Australia winter is just a cool pause between long hot summers. Spring arrives and passes momentarily, replaced suddenly by the beating heat which dominates life down under. Here in Sweden winter is the norm, life lived in the freezer; summer is an explosion of light and warmth, a breathing space in the cold struggle of existence.

The arrival of Spring is a reason to celebrate, to dance, to eat, to drink, to make merry. The bonfires are burning brightly tonight. The darkness is chased away. The time of singing has come.


One thought on “Fireworks

  1. David forgets that Australia has a huge variety of climates – from alpine in the south east (similar to southern Sweden) to tropical in the north. In temperate areas like Tamworth our summers are as long as Sweden’s winters and our winters are as long as Sweden’s summers. Winter this year has started early, with our current temperatures similar to Orebro’s (but colder minimums), and looks as if it will last 4 months. Our Spring and Autumn usually enjoy wonderful weather, both with plenty of flowers, and this Autumn has been blessed with magnificent Autumn colours. Flooding rains for the last 2 years have filled our inland rivers and lakes, and made the deserts bloom.

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