My blogging rate seems to have slowed to once a season. The last entry on this blog was on a beautiful sunny autumn day. Since then darkness and winter has descended on Sweden. I was reminded while cycling home the other day of a film title from the 80s, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being.” Sweden in winter, I reflected, could be described as “The Unbearable Darkness of Being.”

Snow has already fallen twice this autumn, only to disappear within a day or two. Temperatures have been as low as minus 7 or 8. The last few days frost has lain thick on the ground all day, with the temperature a bit below zero. This morning there was a noticeable rise in the temperature but a chill wind blew dark clouds over the clear skies of yesterday. By mid morning snow was falling. It has continued all day.

I cycled home from work through a 10cm covering of snow. Gusts of icy wind blew clouds of fine snowdust across the path. The snow plows have not yet appeared on the streets or bike paths. Everyone seems unprepared for winter. No gravel has been spread on paths. The roads have not been salted. Cars todays have slowed to crawling pace everywhere, even on the freeways around town.

Now late in the evening the wind still howls outside. Snow begins to pile up in drifts. Yesterday the ground was bare. Today it is covered in white and I have had the snow shovel out clearing the paths and driveway. Thankfully I did get the garage cleaned up yesterday and I was able to drive the car in tonight, so it won’t be buried in the morning.

Tomorrow I have a day off. The car is going for a service. I am going for the third attempt to pass my driving test. Perfect weather for a lad from Australia to show his driving prowess, in driving snowblasts and clouds of snowsmoke. God certainly has a sense of humor.


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