Cycling Siljan

Last week we cycled Siljansleden, the bike route around Lake Siljan in Dalarna. We have talked about it for years, and suddenly this summer it seemed time to go for it. So for 5 days through rain and shine, chilly winds and glorious summer heat, up hills and down dales, we pedalled our way along the roads and tracks of central Sweden, sleeping overnight in a variety of wooden cottages, swimming in the clear, cool waters of the lake that has become so well known to us these past years. We headed south from Mora down the eastern shores of the lake, through Nusnäs and Garsås and Vikarbyn. We negotiated the chaotic streets of Rättvik and climbed a long hill on the southern side, to fly wildly down to the big road which we crossed en route to Tällberg. We pedalled a thundery grey morning to Leksand and got wet through as we turned to head north to Siljansnäs. The road north to Gesunda was long and tedious through endless forest with barely a glimpse of the lake, but from Gesunda we flew with the wind in our faces down to Sollerön. Then it was back to Mora with a proud sense of satisfaction and achievement for us all…



2 thoughts on “Cycling Siljan

  1. It all sounded like a great family time cycling for four days together. We will look forward to seeing more pictures. We looked at your route on the map. Love Dad and Eunice

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