Summer rain

Summer has been thus far hot and dry. We awoke today to pouring rain and an outside air temperature of 12 degrees. The perfect start to this year’s summer adventures. When we are packed we will head north to the family cottage in Orsa where we spent Midsummer barely a month ago. Our plan this year is to cycle around Siljan, the big lake in Dalarna. Hopefully by the time we are ready to pedal away tomorrow the weather will have improved a bit.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain. Today a huge orienteering festival (O-Ringen) opens in Örebro. The fields between Brickebergskyrkan and Gustavsvik, a stonesthrow from our home, are packed with tents and caravans, with 20,000 extra people from all over Europe in town this week. I hope for their sakes the weather changes, though orienteers (is that what they are called?) are a hardy lot and will probably have a good time despite everything.

I am reminded today that the Swedish summer is sliding quickly away, its heady beauty soon to be replaced by the darkness of winter which is never far away this far north of the equator. Trees are still thick with green, and flowers still bloom in the meadows, but the amazing explosion of nature that yearly returns to restore souls jaded by the long, cold darkness, will soon blow away in the autumn winds.


2 thoughts on “Summer rain

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  2. On our way back south from Dalarna we stopped one night in Örebro. Stayed in a hotel directly across from the police station. There was lots of yahooing outside that night.

    Earlier that day we walked beside the river to a park with a very nice garden(that had apparently won some awards). Then we went to a great playground with the kids. All very pleasant.

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