The lagoon


There is a place on the western shore of Lake Vättern where we like to swim. Our friends Anders and Marianne showed us this little gem which is about 5km south of Olshammar last summer. They call it the lagoon, an odd name for an inland lake in Scandinavia. Perhaps it is because the waters are almost crystal clear and one can see far down into the depths. The shoreline is all boulders. You can dive, or slide into the sweet still waters and swim slowly across to the other side of the inlet. Across a wider expanse of waters there is a long wooded island where we could see yachts anchored. I have thought about swimming across some day, from rock to rock. There were a lot of people there last Sunday, witness to the unbelievably warm and sunny weather. In the evening the sunseekers gradually dispersed, and so did the sun, a squall blowing in from the south. The kids were occupied all afternoon catching minnows in the shallows, and when we finally left around 7pm there were only a few cars left in the car park up by the main road, a short walk through the trees. Now we are on holidays we hope there will be more afternoons at the lagoon…



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