Medeltidsmarknad (Medieval market)

Örebro Slott P1000174

There is a curious fascination in Sweden with things medieval. During the summer months medieval markets seem to be a feature of many festivals and high days. Yesterday was Sweden’s national day and the city park was filled with people. The boys and I had already popped into the castle for a quick look on our way home from church, but then we got sidetracked by the market in the park. The first castle in Örebro was built in medieval times – the so called Middle Ages. It is very different now from then but the atmosphere is still very old. It fitted the feeling of the day to stop and watch knights in combat and browse the various stalls of weaponry, armor and clothing from another age some five or six hundred years ago. I find it always interesting that there should be a community of people whose passion is recreating a bygone era, and who are prepared to spend their spare time smithing swords, hammering out steel helmets and breastplates, or sewing heavy woollen cloaks. Sam and Isak tried the armor, felt the weight of chain mail and heavy weapons. But the only purchase of the day (apart from icecream) was a wooden sword replica, expertly painted to look like the real thing.

P1000188 P1000185

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