First day of Spring

It has snowed all day, but the sky is lightening and there is even a touch of blue visible with the eye of faith. “Has there ever been this much snow before in Sweden?” asked Isak, as we trudged home from school, kicking snow clumped ice bits down the path to the bridge. “Oh yes…” he suddenly remembered, “the ice age. And that took 20,000 years to melt!” Hopefully it will be quicker in the weeks ahead, I thought, as Isak slogged through deep drifts on a “short cut”. New snow is thick on our street – the plows have not made it here yet. But it is not too cold, and that is something good… just a degree below freezing. And so Spring comes to our corner of the world!

DSC02774.JPG DSC02770.JPG

4 thoughts on “First day of Spring

  1. I still read blogs… at least for the next 5 weeks, after that I may be a little busy for 18 years or so!!!
    It is great to see you back and I love Isak’s comments about the Ice Age- I know some people in the UK feeling a similar way.
    Well, roll on summer for you, and ‘hello autumn’ for us.

  2. Well the second day of Spring was beautiful, with blue skies and cold crisp air. But I have to admit I am longing for warmth, and that the massive walls of snow on each side of the path up the hill to work would melt away… guess it will come soon. Thanks for commenting…

  3. Hi David
    good to read your latest blog. have always enjoyed your blogsite and check it from time to time. you have probably heard re OVACC- Jon is off to Indonesia . Andrew Wilcher from St Peters will beour new vicar
    hope all is well

    • Thanks! Heard the news about Jon and wrote to him the other day. Good for him. But we will miss him! We are well. Looking forward to Spring but the skies are blue so can’t complain. Love to you all. David

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