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The bitterest cold of winter has passed, but snow is falling steadily in the darkness outside despite a temperature just above zero. A week ago when we arrived in Orsa for our annual skiing holiday the temperature plunged down to minus 30 on the first morning. We had glorious sunshine that day but the air was so cold our faces froze whether we were speeding down the slopes or being dragged up on the T-bar.

I have not written a “postcard from Sweden” since the end of last summer. Life has gone on, of course, but the busy-ness of autumn was accompanied by a darkness of spirit for me which left me with nothing much to say. I hesitate to start writing again, and there is a chance that no-one will read what I write anyway, but there is a yearning in me to set pen to paper, or more rightly said, fingers to keyboard. It is a strange thing, this urge to write. Do people still read blogs these days, or is everyone too busy facebooking and twittering? Perhaps it doesn’t matter. I write more for myself than for anyone else; recording my thoughts and reactions to life here in Sweden helps me see it better, somehow giving shape to a life which sometimes seems a bit vague.

So it begins again, postcards from Sweden, and hopefully in the year ahead it will be more regular, with more pictures and fewer words… Starting with this scene our week in Dalarna…



2 thoughts on “Back to blogging

  1. Hi David,

    You won’t remember me – I’m an old friend of your brother Peter and I met you when you were living in Tamworth. Peter directed me your your Blog some time ago and I’ve been reading through it periodically. I for one have been waiting for you to recommence your Postings on your Blog. I was also inspired to investigate WordPress as a Blogging Host and have just established a Blog using the system. Anyway, thanks for re-commencing your Blog. Matthew.

    • Well, isn’t that amazing! And here was me wondering if anyone would notice if I started writing again!! Looking forward to reading some more of your “thoughts on the matter” when you get around to writing them. David

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