Summer interrupted

The last week of May was glorious. Sunny and warm, even into the high twenties. The first day of summer was Sweden at its best, the sky a beautiful blue, the breeze warm and pleasant, not bone chilling as usual. We sat out on the verandah for dinner and chatted with passing neighbours and friends.

On Tuesday a cold wind blew in from the north. Then came grey clouds and chilling showers. It has been the same these three days, a reminder that winter is never far away. Hanna cried this morning because she knows too well how short the summer is in these climes, and “how can it be so cold in the warm part of the year?” It was seven and a half degrees when we woke up this morning. Much colder and there will be frost. By the evening when I came home from work the temperature had still not passed ten.

But it is early days and there is time to hope that the wonder of the short Swedish summer will come back to us. Nothing is more beautiful than those balmy days when we can cycle in shorts and t-shirts along forest paths in Markaskogen or along the edge of the big lake, Hjälmaren. School holidays are less than a week away, and then comes midsummer and soon there will be a chance to head north to Dalarna and escape into the dreaminess of lazy days and swimming in the lake and lying on the grass watching the clouds drift across the high blue heavens…


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