The end of winter?

The slow thaw that we thought heralded the end of winter gave way earlier this week to gloriously cold sunny days with temperatures well below zero. Under brilliant blue skies the slush became ice, crunchy under foot each morning as we waled up the hill to school. Then yesterday the sky clouded over again and snow began to fall, building up to a real snowstorm last night. Now, after 24 hours of heavy snow, our world is again blanketed in pure white. Beautiful perhaps, but the children have had enough. How can it be plus 8 one week and minus 8 the next? asked Hanna. Isn’t it supposed to be Spring? wondered Isak, as we trudged through soft new snow up to the sports hall this afternoon, wet snowflakes blowing into our faces. But just as summer can linger well into March in Australia, so can winter here in the north. At least the days are longer and lighter, and we can be fairly certain of a big melt in the coming week.

The headcold that I expected but seemed to have escaped all winter finally struck with the cold snap. But that too, I hope, will melt away in the week ahead. Spring can’t be far away. Its only two weeks to Easter.


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