Snow and skis

Its snowing again, with the temperature around freezing. A white covering for the piles of dirty snow that line the streets is a relief. Yesterday was the first day of Spring here, but Sweden hasn’t noticed. Yesterday was also Vasaloppet, Sweden’s biggest cross country skiing race, which is held annually up in Dalarna. The conditions were perfect, unlike last year when everyone wondered if there would be enough snow to ski on. Its a week now since we returned from Orsa, from our winter holiday. We skied downhill for two days, and had several short tours on the cross country skis. We had perfect snow the whole week.

This feels like the first real winter we have had in Sweden, at least as far as snow is concerned. Maria and Samuel went out after dinner for a ski around our local track, just up the road in Markaskogen. They came back hot and sweaty – the snow was heavy and sticky, which made for hard going. But the forest is so beautiful and quiet under its thick winter covering…


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