Perfect winter day

Today is a perfect winter day. The sun is shining. A 20cm layer of snow lays over everything, transforming our world to brilliant, sparkling white. The temperature is just below zero, so the snow is soft but not slushy, and the air is crisp and fresh. After a morning at work I am home for lunch and then off to an educational afternoon in town near the hospital. I am looking forward to the cycle ride on such a beautiful day.

Tomorrow the kids start Sportlovet – the sport holiday. This is a feature of the Swedish school year, a week in February which is meant for kids to get away and ski. The snow is so unreliable early in the winter, at least here in Örebro, but by this time in the year there are lots of places where we can ski. Even just outside the door, and there are prepared cross country skiing tracks in the forest just up the hill (about 200m away). But we are going away as a family, tomorrow when the kids get home, a week up north in Orsa, where the snow is deep and the hills are bigger.

Our forest
The forest “just up the hill.”

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