Fires in Australia

The fires in Australia have been in the headlines here in Sweden. In the cold of winter it is hard to imagine 46 degrees, and the terror of the firestorms that have ravaged Victoria this last week are almost impossible for us here to understand. But the fires have been in everyone’s minds, even if we are more occupied with keeping warm than in cooling off

I was at an open house at the children’s school tonight. We parents sat in a ” typical school day” while the teacher taught a sample of different subjects – Maths, Swedish, English among others. Even there, while the kids were occupied with a writing activity, another parent asked me about the fires, which have shocked everyone. Sweden has certainly had its share of national tragedies – the sinking of Estonia and the horrors of the tsunami. But right now the horror of the Australian bushfires has invaded the Swedish consciousness, while the hearts of us expatriates cry out for our suffering countrymen.


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