Winter morning

Sunday morning. All is calm. All is bright. The air crystal clear. 18 degrees below zero at 10am. A vivid orange sunrise has made way now for gentle golden winter light, shining on our house through snow laden firs. Bare birches glisten, covered by snow and frost, stark, skeletal, against a peaceful blue sky. The silence is golden. The children it seems, still sleep, or if they are awake, lay perhaps reading in their warm beds. Billowing smoke from a brick chimney curls lazily upwards, white against fir forest, disappearing into a bright sky. Beauty and peace lie like a blanket over our winter world.

Our camera has stopped working. But can a camera capture this? I suspect not. My words cannot either do justice to the peace which surrounds us, a gracious buffer against a world beyond of suffering, pain and uncertainty. It is a new year, and how blessed we are to be here just now. This peace, this beauty, is wonderful, but it is temporary. This moment will soon pass, and life will go on, waiting, waiting, for that day when the prince of peace will come again to bring a new creation, where suffering will cease. The world is indeed groaning, as it was 2000 years ago, but in the midst of pain God speaks words of life, brings moments when hope pushes sadness away. For this moment I am thankful, I rest in its peace and hope.

With this Word, God created all things…
Everything that was created received its life from him,
And his life gave light to everyone.

The light keeps shining in the dark,
And darkness has never put it out.


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