Darkness returns

The long darkness has returned. At the weekend we changed from summertime to “normal” time. Right now that means that I go to work in the light, but come home in the dark, but as the days contract it will mean darkness at both ends of the day. This will be the state of affairs now for the next 4 months or so. In March we will be back to how it is now, and after that the days will lengthen into summer.

The kids are on holiday this week, the autumn break. It was sunny yesterday and Maria was home, so she pushed them out into the forest for a walk. It is important from now on to avoid the tendency to stay indoors all the time. It is bad for the spirit to be inside continually. Truth be told, it is not unbearable to be out. But to be warm outdoors means exertion, and that takes effort. We seem so tired these days that any effort seems too much.

Why are we tired? My theory is that here in Sweden we live too much in the summer. The days are long and bright, so we all get less sleep. We need the autumn to catch up. But there is so much to do every day, and darkness does not force us into bed early. So we just keep going, and a creeping tiredness threatens, after a while, to overwhelm us.

My aim for the coming months is to get to bed early and to exercise every day. These strategies will hopefully be the solution to the depression that settled on me last winter, and which took so long to shake off when the leaves and flowers of Spring finally made their welcome appearance. We humans do not hibernate. Life is too short to live only in the summers…


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