Yesterday we remembered one of the things that we specially miss about Australia – the beach. We had a day trip to a place called Varamon, about 100km south of Örebro. It is Sweden’s answer to Bondi, but without the waves! It is a beautiful crescent beach perhaps 2km long with real, white sand, and crystal clear water. But rather than the huge expanse of the Pacific Ocean beyond is the huge expanse of Lake Vättern, with islands dotted on the horizon to the west. The weather was perfect yesterday, the sky perfect blue. Long after the crowds dispersed in the evening the sun sank like a fiery orange ball into the “sea,” while we played minigolf

We swam and played in the amazingly clear water, the ridges of sand massaging our feet. We pedaled a tramp-boat a few hundred metres out to where the water was three or four metres deep but still clear right to the sandy “sea-bed.” The water of Vättern is usually cold, but yesterday at Varamon, after two weeks of sun, the water temperature had risen to a refreshing 20 degrees. And of course the water is fresh, not salty as in our Australian beaches.

Swedish summer can be almost unbelievable in its loveliness, made more wonderful, perhaps, by the reality that it is so unpredictable and often fleeting. All our visitors this summer came before the really perfect weather came, and since the warmth hit us Maria has been back at work. But on he days off we have loaded the car and headed off to this lake or another to make the most of the sun, replenish the Vitamin D stores, swim and relax and play. Not far back in our consciousness is the uneasiness that the northern light will soon fade as autumn takes its hold, the winds will come and the temperature will once again slide downwards toward winter.



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