Its raining again

Hmmm… rain. I thought I would never say, “I hate rain.” Growing up, as I did, on the driest continent on earth – in rural Australia – rain has always been a blessing, a sigh of relief, as the dark clouds gather across the eternally blue heavens and release their life giving showers.

But this morning as I cycled to school with the kids I found myself wishing it away. I think it is the combination of cold, wet and dark, rather than rain per se, that gets me. Earlier in the week, when the temperatures dropped enough, the sporadic precipitation turned to snow, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief, as the autumn darkness was relieved the brightness and freshness of the new falls. But then the temperature climbed, and for the last twenty four hours it has been, once more, cold, wet and dark.

Five degrees lower and it would be a gentle flurry of snowflakes outside, instead of a steady drizzle out of a grey sky . And we would cheer up again. So we are hoping it will get colder. That’s another thing that is different here. You can wake up with the thermometer at five degrees and by lunchtime it is below zero. In Australia, even when it rains, it always seems to get warmer during the day. I guess that’s what sun does. But we don’t see much of that around here at this time of the year.

We’ll see what the weekend holds…


One thought on “Its raining again

  1. You wouldn’t recognise Tamworth at the moment. We have have so many thunderstorms it’s rather tropical and the greenest I have ever seen it.

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