Darkness coming

The darkness encroaches from both ends. As winter approaches the mornings have been darker, and it is harder to get out of bed, seemingly when it is still night. So yesterday we turned the clocks back, from summer time to winter time, in an official attempt, it seems, to make life more bearable. This morning it should have been lighter. But it was raining and overcast, so it actually seemed darker than usual. And when I cycled home from work it had already been dark for at least an hour.

This, Maria told me, is the real time. Summer time is the anomaly. But really, it doesn’t make much difference how you organise it. Darkness is the norm, more and more of the time. There is still two months to go before we reach the shortest day. It is just the beginning.

This week the kids have their autumn break. They are home. On Wednesday we are heading up to Orsa for a few days. Last year Orsa when we drove up there for the autumn holiday Orsa was already under a thick blanket of snow. This year the early falls have melted. The weather here in Örebro has warmed up too. Today was over 10 degrees and it is forecast to get up to 15. Which is almost like summer in Sweden.

We really notice the smallness of our flat during these dark months. When it is hard to get away from one another and it is noisy with kids coming and going the whole time. Playing outside in the coldness and darkness is not much fun for them, especially when there is no snow. So it is good we are going away for a few days. A change of scenery will do us all good.

Maria’s dad changed the tires on our car for us today. Its time for winter tires. The ones with steel studs in them – they always make me think of hobnailed boots. I have noticed more and more cars clicking past as I cycle through town lately. People are preparing for the cold. Though the way the weather is now, snow and ice still seems a long way away.


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