Intelligent design – a new public enemy

What is so scary about intelligent design? Apparently, according to the Swedish Minister for Education, it will lead to religious fundamentalism, which I presume he is saying is social enemy number one in the contemporary world. The confusing thing is that at the same time he says it is OK to teach religion, as long as it is kept completely separate from science.

Religious education, it seems, is an important part of the school curriculum. Religious worship, on the other hand, though it is allowed in schools, must be kept completely separate from the classroom. I don’t really understand why. I presume it is because religious worship is seen to be somehow threatening to a balanced education. It needs to be kept separate. It is one thing to talk about God, but to act as if he exists is quite another.

I also don’t understand why evolution should be taught as an accepted fact, when it seems there are so many who think it is simply not true. Does the teaching of evolution lead to scientific fundamentalism? Is scientific fundamentalism less dangerous than religious fundamentalism? Is science the only hope for the world? The new path to peace, as suggested by this year’s peace prize?

Evolution seems to be an accepted fact, not because it is sensible, but because there aren’t any scientific alternatives for people to believe in. I tried to explain the concept of evolution to our kids, but it just didn’t make sense to them. I guess they are just too young. For them, if something is well made, it is obvious that there had to be someone to make it. It couldn’t have just happened accidentally.

I guess I can leave it in the capable hands of their independent Christian school to explain it to them. Since even if it is independent and Christian if someone mentions intelligent design in the classroom (except to denounce it as a dangerous subversive doctrine which threatens world peace) the government might close them down. Christian schools are, after all, well known to be terrorist breeding grounds. And I guess it all goes back to their teaching of intelligent design…


2 thoughts on “Intelligent design – a new public enemy

  1. The antagonism of the Swedish education system to the theory of Intelligent design seems inconsistent with western values of freedom of speech and thought. They are obviously ignorant of the fact that ID has nothing to do with religion or with creationism. This antagonism, which reflects that of much of the scientific community, is due to two factors. One is their ignorance of what ID theory is and the strength of its scientific credentials. The second is that ID theory is a direct challenge to evolutionary theory. Any objective observer however would agree that most of the scientific evidence is more supportive of ID than of evolution. However evolution is now a metaphysical dogma and a universally accepted world view. One of the ironies of supporting atheistic evolution is that it has provided the justification for some of the most malevolent social movements in history, including Nazism, Communism, racism, euthanasia etc.

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