baretrees.jpg“Look at that tree!” said Isak suddenly and unexpectedly while we were sitting around the kitchen table yesterday. “It’s got no leaves!… But it had leaves yesterday!” he went on to say.

Its true, the two trees out the front of our flat are leafless, although it did not happen quite as quickly as Isak claimed. Yet only a few weeks ago they were covered with leaves, and then they changed colour and fell to the ground where they lie scattered now across the garden; the branches now are starkly, darkly empty, and the woven twigs of a big old birds-nest are again visible high up, as they were last winter.

Each morning this week has seemed colder. Today the thermometer hovered just above freezing when I before cycling to school with the kids; the grass in the back garden was covered with a light frost. The days have been clear and fresh this week, but today, since morning, the clouds have closed in; now all is grey and mid-morning it started to rain. Only a few hundred kilometres north there have been snowfalls, and the mountains which run down the Swedish-Norwegian border have had snow for weeks. There is none forecast for us here yet.

The autumn has been really beautiful, thanks to the mostly fine weather. Most of the trees are not bare yet, still carrying their fall colours. The bright birch green is being replaced by gold; reds and oranges are scattered among the dark ever green firs as well. Its refreshing and bracing to cycle to work or school in the morning, with the air icy on our faces. The gloves are out again, and the woollen hats. Soon it will be winter jackets. The season of darkness and coldness is coming quickly upon us.

Now the weekend is coming, so if the skies clear a bit maybe we can head for the hills again, to soak in more of the autumn glory…

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