Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoon. Sunny autumn day. Maria’s gone to work for the evening. The flat is overrun by kids’ friends. Hanna has Naomi here. Samuel has Daniel and Ludvig. Isak has William and Isaac. Seven kids. And me. Times like this I wish we had a slightly bigger place to live, with an escape for me… But we found a solution recently by turning our indoor storeroom into an office. It has no windows and not much ventilation. Just a desk, a computer, and a lot of winter coats, winter boots, empty suitcases and assorted other junk. Here I sit…

The good news is that it is sunny today, so the kids have been outdoors, a bit at least. Sam and Hanna went swimming with Maria this morning. Isak has been playing in the playground with his buddies. The coffee is on, and I am about to head out to sit in the afternoon sun with a steaming mug and a book. Putting off my study a little longer.

I’m dreaming about the forests, the lakes, the rivers. How lovely it would be to get away up to the hills tomorrow after church, when the weather is so beautiful. We recently bought an old canoe, and there is nothing like paddling across the still waters of a forest lake in autumn.

Sadly enough our car is in the workshop. It wouldn’t start yesterday, even jumpstarting didn’t work, and we ended up asking Maria’s Dad to tow us to the nearest repair garage. Not too far thankfully. Good thing we have bicycles and a regular bus service here in Brickebacken…



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