Cinnamon rolls (kanelbullar)

kanelbullarSo today is national cinnamon roll day. Only in Sweden could they celebrate a particular food with a national day. And yet, amazingly, these buns are one of my earliest memories of Sweden… from my first summer visit to Orsa back in the early nineties when my “grandmother in law” used to greet us every morning with a plate of the wonderful Swedish buns, freshly baked, with hot, strong coffee.

Later, I tried my hand at baking them too, but they were never quite the same, especially when I tried to reproduce them back home in Australia. Maybe it was the fresh air of Dalarna that made all the difference.

2 thoughts on “Cinnamon rolls (kanelbullar)

  1. YUM. I have suggested to friends that we have National Cheesecake Day, and no one seems to catch onto the idea over here. Thanks for the tip- I guess I need to move to Sweden!

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