New term

We are back, after a summer of coming and going. Most schools have started today, but Viktoriaskolan commences on Wednesday, which is a good thing since at 9 this morning our kids were still asleep. Their summer body clocks are rather different and will have to change abruptly to get to school at 8 o’clock every day.

I think I will blog some summer pictures over the coming weeks to show something of our travels. Look out for them here every day or two.

In the meantime, some may be interested that our old home, the Anastasis, has reached its final resting place. I read an interesting (but rather long) account of the ship’s final sail on the internet yesterday. It is written by a crew member who was on board for its journey from West Africa to India, where the old ship has been sold for scrap and will be broken up. Read the article here.


2 thoughts on “New term

  1. good to hear from you again David- your site had been somewhat quiet as you enjoyed the end of a Swedish summer. we have just had our wettest day in some years- over 60mm which is most welcome after our dry time
    best wishes
    David Moore

  2. Hi Dave,

    I actually read that article about the final voyage of the Anastasis – it was engaging and fascinating to think of such a significant boat’s final journey. I enjoyed it.

    Glad to hear you’re safely home from Denmark.

    Love to all,


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