Back in Örebro

Home again after our travels in England and Dalarna, we have spent the last few days catching up with life, both the mundane and the enjoyable. Hanna, Sam and Isak had an explosive few days of socialising with friends in our immediate area. The level of activity was exhausting. Lots of noise and extreme playing going on, both inside and outside the house. There were sleepovers both here and elsewhere within 24 hours of our landing back in on our homeground.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of visiting our friends Elinne and Daniel, and their three boys, at their home in Garphyttan, a village of some 1800 people just west of Örebro at the foot of the Kilsbergen hills. The day before we had also been up in Kilsbergen. The day had dawned sunny and bright so we decided on the spur of the moment to head up to Multen, a little lake about a half hour’s drive from home which we first encountered a few months ago on an outing with our home group. Maria phoned our friends Anders and Marianne and their son Daniel, and we met up in the hills. But the wind had come up and it turned out to be not as warm and lovely as we had hoped. The kids still braved the wind ruffled waters, but not us!! Read more about Multen here.

Today Maria was called into work, so she dragged herself out of bed at some unearthly hour to head off for a day shift at the hospital. The rest of us slept till nine o’clock, and finally emerged from our slumbers to a rainy grey day.There is the feeling that summer is fast coming to an end, and there is a sense of urgency to enjoy every sunny day. The sky is lightening now, and there is a forecast for sun and warmth over the weekend and next week. So we are not panicking yet, there is still the whole of August before the winds of autumn begin to blow our way…

The Swedish summer is some two months long and a metre deep. Dive into the Baltic, plunge down a few metres, and enter Autumn, lying there in wait, far colder than the surface water. It is as if to receive a reminder of death, suddenly one feels that one’s feet are in autumn and winter, that the cold is merely waiting to come up and take over again, like a monster from the depths – no! quickly up to the sun again, it is now summer!
(Ingemar Unge, The Wholly Swedish Empire, 1987)


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