Holiday reading

I just finished reading Kilo Class, a submarine thriller by Patrick Robinson, published in 1998. A good story, it revolves around the contemporary military tensions between China, the USA and Russia. The Kilo is a Russian submarine, which, I was amazed to discover in the afterword by Admiral Sir John Woodward, is being actively marketed by the Russians. At least it was in the 1997-98 edition of Jane’s Fighting Ships, the “bible of the world’s navies,” in which a two page colour advertisement appeared for the “Kilo Class submarine – the only soundless creature in the sea.” Robinson’s story takes its starting point from just such a sale – of ten Kilo class boats – by the Russians, to the Chinese, and the imagined response of the US navy.

This book was not in the same class as some of the literature I have been ploughing through in Swedish this year, but it was certainly a lot more fun! And its a relief to read something is simple English again, without the constant reaching for the dictionary to make sure I am really understanding what is going on.

5 thoughts on “Holiday reading

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  5. David, please. read real books. Get ‘The next Christendom: the coming of global christianity’ and fill you boots m’ boy! By Philip Jenkins isbn 978-0-19-518307-8. OUP publication.

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