We arrived in the UK late on Friday night after our flight from Sweden was delayed four and a half hours. We have spent the weekend with our old Anastasis friends, Ann and Tony Giles, at their home in Bedford. They are off on holidays tomorrow morning, but we will stay on in their house for a few more days. There are two other Mercy Ships friends staying here too – Paula and Heike. There is another Mercy Ships family arriving on Wednesday. The Giles 8 bedroom house has been such a blessing to so many of us!

This morning we walked on a low range of hills above Barton, called The Clappers, part of the Chiltern range. It was apparently the site of an iron age hill fort. In the distance, across the fields, Tony pointed out “Bunyan’s Thorn,” an old, now dead tree on the middle of farmland where John Bunyan, the author of Pilgrim’s Progress used to preach, hundreds of years ago. Apparently the countryside around Barton was the inspiration for many of the places in Pilgrim’s Progress. Made we want to go back and read the old classic.

It is hard to blog on the road, but I will try to keep up a vague travelogue over the next few weeks in England, whenever we have internet access.

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