Longest day

Today is the longest day. Think of evening sun that doesn’t sink below the horizon until 11, or later, or not at all as you go further north. We are, in fact, heading north to Dalarna, but that is not quite as far as “the land of the midnight sun.” However, sadly enough, it is grey and overcast, so there is no sun in sight. We’ll just have to imagine…

Hanna and Samuel have been at summer tennis this week, every morning Monday to Thursday. Isak has spent the last three mornings watching successive Star Wars films. Maria is recovering from night duty. We are getting into the swing of summer.

Last Saturday we were up in Kilsbergen for the afternoon. The kids swam in a lovely little mountain lake called Multen. We grilled chicken and sausages in the open, and had some good time with friends. The day was sunny and beautiful. Those are the summer days we love.

So this afternoon we are off to Orsa to celebrate midsummer with Maria’s family.


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