Rainy day

Its been raining all day. Cold grey Swedish summer day. We haven’t really done anything much. Just hung around at home all day. Maria worked last night and slept at her parents all day. This morning the rest of us got up late. I had decided already to skip church today. After breakfast we had home church – me and the kids. Sang a song – Sing unto the Lord a new song – actually an old song from my youth, the music of which fell out of a book which I dragged out of the cupboard last weekend when we got the piano. Talked a while about Psalm 96 and salvation. Somehow got sidetracked into a Star Wars discussion, and how anger can lead you to the dark side of the force (like Anakin), and how only Luke’s love could save his father… We prayed a bit about that.

I phoned Dad and Eunice and we chatted a while. Its cold and wet in Tamworth too. Then I spent some hours sitting on the floor playing with Lego with the boys. Hanna and I messed around with her Lego Belville sets too. We had soup and bread for lunch. One of Sam’s friends Staffan rang up and ended up coming around for a few hours. We were watching an old movie – the 1939 version of The Little Princess, starring Shirley Temple. William turned up and played with Isak for a while, but I ended up sending him home because there was too much silliness happening. The boys watched Johnny English. When Staffan left I went back to the Lego with Samuel and Isak.

In the midst of all this, while the boys were watching TV, Maria had arrived home. She and I ended up looking at houses on the Internet. That seems to have become one of our pastimes. Dreaming about lovely old houses in the country which we would like to live in. Preferably a red or yellow wooden house with a tower. By a lake somewhere. But there are not many to be had in walking distance from the school! We can always dream…

I fried up bacon and eggs and toast for tea. Maria went back to work at eight thirty and I cycled to the shop to get milk for tomorrow. Booked a washing time at the laundry. Once the kids were in bed and the washing up was done I sat down to watch yet another film on TV – About a Boy. Its finished now and it is past 11. Its been a slow day. But a good one…


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