Birthday party

Busy weekend. Yesterday after school, Friday evening, Hanna and Samuel went to a class mate’s birthday party in the neighbouring suburb of Brickeberg. Meanwhile Isak had a school ending disco! A disco for 6 and 7 year olds! I’m not sure how much dancing was done, but he had lots of fun with the kids in his class, while Maria helped with the hamburgers and talked to other parents.

Today our friends Marianne and Anders turned up at 8.30am to borrow the car. They were heading down to Småland to collect a piano which we have agreed to babysit until they find a better flat. They needed a car with a tow-bar for the trailer that we had hired to load the piano onto. Marianne and Anders have been trying to get a flat in Brickebacken for years, but nothing suitable has come up. When they do get a flat the piano will move in with them. But now it is here, and we feel very blessed.

This morning we had a combined birthday party for Isak, who turns seven in a few weeks, and his classmate and our neighbour, William. We had decided to have a combined party before school finishes, because it is such a busy time of year. If we left it till after the summer breakup half the kids would probably not have been able to make it. As it was there were four who couldn’t come.

The party was held at Skojlandet, which is an indoor playground a bit like Kidszone back in Tamworth. There was barely anyone else there because the weather was perfect. Even by half past ten the temperature was climbing towards thirty degrees. It was hot inside. Such places are not usually equipped with air-conditioning here in Sweden. But everyone had a fun time. By the time we came home at 2pm the kids were hot and sweaty, and they soon ended up in the backyard in swimmers, with the hose out. Lots of laughing and shouting and grassclippings all through the house. Real summer fun.

Meanwhile Maria’s parents had turned up to help us build a fence in the backyard, something we have been planning since we arrived. The fencing was finally delivered yesterday, and Leif and I spent quite a few hours working on it this afternoon. We stopped for dinner, and I had a dash to the railway station to pick up someone who was coming back from Stockholm, but we continued working after dinner till half past ten tonight when we finally decided to call it a day. Hopefully we can finish it off in the next week.

So today we have acquired a piano and a fence and had a party and in the midst of the afternoon there was a thunderstorm. Its hot and muggy tonight, though still pretty comfortable compared to summer nights in Tamworth. Amazingly, Australia made it into our local newspaper today due to the monster storms around the Central Coast, and a ship blown aground off Newcastle. Friends in Tamworth sent photos today of early snow in the mountains south of Tamworth. I even read on the internet that the New England Highway was temporarily blocked by snow yesterday. So winter has well and truly blown into northern NSW it seems…


One thought on “Birthday party

  1. What a busy day! It’s not every day you get a piano and a fence! And in case it doesn’t get blogged on the day, may God grant Isak a happy birthday and many years!

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