cavepainting.jpgThere was a redovisningskväll (report evening) at Viktoriaskolan this evening. Maria and I went to see what Hanna and Samuel have been up to the last term or so. The whole class was there, and most of their parents. They sang a few songs and then presented some of their history projects. Each group of four students gave a talk with pictures about a different age that they had studied at school: the ice age, the stone age, the bronze age, and the iron age. Hanna and Samuel presented very well, especially considering that they spoke in Swedish, their second language. Then there was a break and we could inspect some of their written projects, and some of their art works. The class has been researching mammals, and each child had chosen a mammal to write a recount about, about 10 pages long each, with pictures. We also saw some of their artworks, which included cave paintings in the stone age style, and runestones, engraved and painted with runic letters and patterns, made out of clay.

sampottery.jpgAfter the coffee break we had the opportunity to experience first hand some of the school’s multiple intelligence teaching strategies. We had lessons in the four and five times tables in each of the different areas of intelligence. It is an interesting concept to learn your tables while rapping to a beat, or by making piles of stones or pinecones found in the forest, or by drawing or writing stories, or by skipping or bouncing a ball. It is certain that for some kids learning is best achieved by quite different methods to the ones that we were taught a school a generation ago. In our case the kids demonstrated each learning strategy and then got us parents to practice them ourselves. Challenging!



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