Hanna has caught Eurovision fever. Last night we joined friends and a third of the Swedish population to sit in front of the TV and watch this annual tribute to musical mediocrity. We recorded the show this morning when they re-ran the program. Hanna has watched all the songs from beginning to end about three or four times now.

However, I can’t help feeling rather cynical about the whole thing. Some of the tunes are catchy, but the whole thing seems a trifle too politically correct to me. It is all so camp, and so nice. I miss the usual commentary we get in Australia when they replay the show on SBS a few days after it is on here in Europe. I think it is the English version of the program that we get in Australia and the commentary is usually fairly tongue in cheek and more entertaining than the music really.

I had to agree with my namesake who managed to churn out a blog entry on this very subject which makes interesting reading…


One thought on “Eurovision

  1. I too was going to blog about Eurovision- when I get the time. It was played here yesterday night and we caught only the voting. The commentator you talk of is Terry Wogan and he is like the bert Newton of English TV/ radio. At the conclusion of last nights show he made my favourite comment of the evening:
    ‘Well that was an entertaining night, not musically of course, but none the less’! He’s great. You can download his Radio 2 Breakfast radio show from the BBC website if you need more of his humour…

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