Slottet with Isak

Isak comes home early on Thursdays so today I thought we could do something different and suggested a trip to the castle in town. We needed to be back before Hanna and Samuel got home at 3.30 but Isak was not keen on taking the car. He wanted to cycle to town. He recently inherited Hanna’s bicycle which she has outgrown. So we headed off about 1pm on the long ride into town. By the time we were passing the university Isak said he was feeling shaky. I felt stupid that I had not checked his blood sugar before we left home, so suggested we stop at the Presbyrån at the university and get something to eat. But Isak wanted to push on. He said he could go a bit further. We finally stopped about 10 minutes later at the café in Wadköping where he had icecream and I had coffee. From there it was only a short pedal to the castle along the banks of the river. There were geese and their goslings waddling along the banks, and some ducks with ducklings too. The river ferry was moored in its usual place, though no one was waiting to get on for the trip across to the island. Isak thought for a moment that it would be better to stop in Stadsparken, but I talked him out of it, and we went on to the castle.

In one of the towers there is an exhibition which shows some of the history of the castle with various depictions of former times. There are stairs to climb and windows looking out through the massive stone walls onto the river. We had explored the whole of the Queens Tower in about 10 minutes, much to Isak’s disappointment, who was thinking back to the hours we spent at Borgholm Slott with its seemingly endless passages and walls and staircases and chambers. But he seemed to enjoy the visit anyway.

I explained to him that Maria and I had had our wedding reception in one of the upper rooms of the castle. This prompted the question, “Daddy, when you get married do you just go and find someone?” I tried to explain something of the process but he seemed to quickly lose interest. We went into the castle shop which is also the tourist bureau for Örebro. We browsed for a while, but time was slipping away, so we soon had to leave for the long cycle home. The grey skies which had been threatening rain all afternoon managed a few spitting drops, but we came home safe and sound a good ten minutes before the twins arrived.

It was fun.


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