Soo Inn Tan’s weekly email struck a chord with me. Relocation is tough. Its hard to make new friends and we so miss all our old friends. It takes time to find your feet in a new place. As Soo Inn says:

There is no instant connectedness. I have to take the first steps to connect and to reconnect. I will. I am. I have to. Like the disciples on the Emmaus road discovered, sometimes, when you walk with a friend, Jesus comes along side and walks with you (Luke 24: 13-15).

And that’s home.

Sweden is still not really home for us, not in the sense that we feel really connected. Samuel is struggling especially, since he has not found any special buddies in his class. It is painful to see him going through this loneliness, and sometimes we question the decision to come here. But it seemed right at the time, and it still does mostly, and we could not predict the problems that any of us would face. We felt God was in our decision to come here. And our pain doesn’t mean that it was a wrong choice.

We need to be friends to those around us as much as we need people to be friends to us, and many have reached out to welcome us, for which we are grateful. We are praying that Sam’s class would get some “new blood” since four kids are leaving his class at the end of term. That Sam would find a really good friend who he can “walk beside”. As Soo Inn says, “when you walk with a friend, Jesus comes along and walks beside you…”

See Soo Inn’s full article here. It is called “Lost and Found.”


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