Birch leaves

birchleaves.jpgLeaves are beginning to appear on the birches in the patches of forest which surround our home. Everything is budding, but it is especially lovely to see the birches coming back to life, their white, ghostlike trunks, and their wispy, bowed, black branches at last dotted with the brilliant green of the emerging leaves.

The birches are huge here, at least to the Australian eye. I remember the three birches we had in our front garden when I was a teenager in Tamworth, three trees which struggled up to about four or five metres height before finally giving up the ghost and dying almost before they had passed the sapling stage. The birches here are closer to 20 metres, with thick sturdy trunks lined by the black rings of age, and the forest is half full of them, interspersed as they are with pines and firs.

We live, after all, in Björkrisvägen, which means “birch twig way” – a fitting name for our new address!


2 thoughts on “Birch leaves

  1. Dear David, Maria,Samuel,Hanna and Isak,
    I have just been reading through your website and looking at all the beautiful photos of you all in the lovely,white snow and in your home. They are great and you are all looking fantastic. I would agree with you David about that birch tree. It looks so lovely in the photo.
    Well I shall sign off here and e-mail you with some updated photos of us Gourlays here in oz.
    Love to you all, Elizabeth, Jon, Amy and James

  2. Dear Holfies
    I too have been admiring that birch tree this evening! Many years ago in another life, I spent some time in the northern hemisphere and remember being struck by the new green of spring – so fresh and full of promise.
    Last year Tim and I purchased 100 acres at Hanging Rock. I have tinkered privately with the idea of establishing a collection of cold climate trees (especially maples) and a copse of birch would look very fine indeed.
    We have settled on a name for the block too….”Acres Wild”. Very Tull…
    Enjoy the spring!!

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