The old ship

As the demise of the Anastasis draws ever nearer we can’t help feeling sad. When we first told the kids a few years back that the Anastasis was to be scrapped to make way for the new ship, the Africa Mercy, Hanna responded with indignation and horror. We resolved to pray that God would carry the old ship on for some more years yet. And He did. Repeated delays on the Africa Mercy have pushed her launch date back and back and back. But finally it seems the Africa Mercy is ready to roll. We haven’t told Hanna yet, but I suspect that she will still be sad when she hears that the Anastasis’ days are numbered.

It must be even harder for others who spent not just two years of their childhood on the ship, but their whole childhood. Read what Sandra Lako wrote in her blog about her recent final visit to her childhood home…


One thought on “The old ship

  1. Hi David,
    I guess I do get a little sentimental…but yes…it’s weird to think that the Anastasis will really be history in the near future! Anyway, it’s fun to keep up on your blog. Hope things are going well!

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