Off to Malmö

A fresh westerly wind has blown away the clouds leaving a brilliant clear blue sky. The snow of Monday and Tuesday has given way to sunshine and warmth. Spring is here.

Tomorrow we leave for 5 days away. To Malmö at the southern tip of Sweden where we will visit our friends the Litchfields, Quinton and Susanne and all their kids. They, like us, are recently arrived from Australia and going through the adjustment phase of coming to a new country (though Susanne, like Maria, was born and bred here).

There is a Mercy Ships board meeting on Saturday which I will attend, with our old friend from the Anastasis, Ingvar Haraldsson, who is now the director of Mercy Ships Sweden. It will be good to catch up and talk through Mercy Ships stuff again, and brainstorm a bit about how to build up the Mercy Ships community here in Sweden.

On Monday we will head north again, not straight back to Örebro but hopefully find some places to visit and spend a few days sightseeing. We will be pulling Maria’s parents’ caravan, so we can go where we want. According to the forecast we should be blessed with good weather. Not sure yet where we will go, but there are some castles in the south east – one on the island of Öland – which sound interesting. Watch this space…


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