Final winter

Easter Monday and the last day of the break. We woke to a fresh covering of snow, the garden pure white, the budding branches of trees and shrubs laden with a heavy layer once more. The air was fresh but without the painful coldness of the winter. The roads and footpaths were grey and wet, not cold enough to hold the snow. The sky was heavy grey too, snow was falling thickly. By lunchtime snow was no longer falling and the temperature was climbing. Now in the evening most of the morning cover has disappeared, and the trees look bare and dark again. The sky is clearing.

This surely has been the final taste of winter. The forecast for this week is for gradually climbing temperatures and by the weekend the air should be a balmy 20 degrees according to the weather bureau.

Tomorrow the kids are back to school after a week of playing. We have seen friends and family, been to church to celebrate Jesus’ death and his rising to life, marvelled at the signs of new life as signs of Spring seem to multiply around us, the daffodils and tulips, the budding shrubs and trees, the sunny clear days.

On Friday we head to Malmö for a few days so it will be a short week for us all. Maria is at work today and I am back to Svenska tomorrow. Everything is back in place for the run up to summer.


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