The change in time was hardly noticeable yesterday when we turned the clocks forward. Church starts at 11am after all, so getting there was not a chore. But today was different and even a cloudless sky did not help the kids to crawl out of bed. Poor Maria was off to work at 5.45am, or 4.45 in last weeks “wintertime”. Isak was sound asleep and it was all I could do to drag him out of bed 15 minutes before departure time. Sam said he was simply too tired to go to school and I kept finding him lying somewhere, unwilling to move – on the bed, the floor, the sofa, the chair.

It is like a Tamworth winter morning. The frost was thick early, but already at 8.30am it is starting to disappear as the thermometer rises to zero. The day promises to be sunny and blue and even if it is only “summertime” by the clock, there is a wonderful feeling of freshness and newness in the air. Which is welcome change after an awful spring flu which laid me low last week, but from which I am now, thankfully, recovering to health again.


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