Christian leadership

A friend alerted me to the fact that certain university Christian Unions in the UK have recently come under pressure to remove the requirement that persons standing for office on their executive committees profess any Christian faith. In other words, the qualification that persons desiring to lead Christian organizations should be Christians is seen as discriminatory.

One wonders if expecting anyone to have any qualifications for anything should be seen as discriminatory. Why should anyone advertising for employees be allowed to dictate any qualification for job applicants? Is that not discriminating against people who don’t have such qualifications.

Why did the issue come to light anyway? Who could possibly have been offended? Was there someone who wanted to be involved in the executive committee of a Christian Union who was told they were not allowed to stand because they were not a Christian? Surely not. Would a conservative politician stand for leadership of a liberal political party? Would a Muslim or an atheist stand for election to leadership of a Christian association?

Someone has looked at the requirements and thought, ah, here’s a chance to get at those Christians. Legally. Just harassment I would say. I wonder if harassing Christians is becoming more popular in the Western world?


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