Winter holiday

Back from a week in Dalarna where the snow was clean and soft and the air was dry and cold. Some days it didn’t get much above -12 degrees, and one time we were out cross country skiing in -16 degrees, which is a bit colder than I really like! But the forest was beautiful under its white mantle, the lakes frozen, the trees laden with snow. The skies were mostly clear and the week was refreshing and regenerating despite Samuel and Isak both coming down with fluey colds which laid each of them up for a day or two.

All the kids got out on cross country skis, as did their parents, and Jeremy, who was visiting from England for the week. We had one afternoon of downhill skiing too, at Grönklitt, a first for the kids. And before we left Hanna and Samuel got some skating in too at the indoor skating rink just down the road. We saw deer and squirrels hopping through the snow. We had open fires and lots of chats. We even grilled sausages on an open fire in the snow one evening as the day darkened into night. We were sad to come home. The car kept going, which was a blessing.

This morning I dropped Jeremy at the railway station and I cycled through new snow back here in Örebro with the kids in tow on the way to school. Maria’s back at work and I am back to the books, at least I will be when I stop procrastinating by writing blogs…


One thought on “Winter holiday

  1. hi there!
    i found your blog totally accidentally and i was amazed by your boldness to leave australia and come to frozen sweden:) my husband and i are both greek, moved to sweden just a few months ago and we are both working in örebro. i was wondering whether you have any suggestions for an excursion here in the vicinity…we practically feel isolated here and seems that all the nice destinations are like miles and miles and miles away. maybe we are just ignorant and in our case ignorance is no bliss!:)

    thank you very very much

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