Wheels off

Feels a bit like the wheels have fallen off this week.

Isak’s insulin regime was changed last week so Maria was given time off this week to supervise the introduction of the new plan. It involves one dose of long-acting insulin per day (Lantus) and three doses of meal-time short-acting insulin per day (Novo-Rapid). So Maria has been running backward and forward between school and home trying to keep everything in line. Despite that his blood sugars have been swinging wildly from 3 to 23 (normal levels between 4 and 10) as we have tried to get things into order.

At the same time Sam has been complaining of tiredness and back ache all week, which came to a head this morning when he felt he was too tired to go to school. Maria spent a long time talking to his teacher yesterday, and has also spent a lot of time talking to Samuel. It is clear there are issues with the boys in his class, of which there are only 7, and of which at least 3, perhaps 4, are rather dysfunctional in one way or another.

Bottom line is that Sam has struggled to find his place at school since we moved to Sweden, and things seem to be getting worse, not better. Knowing how to respond is a constant challenge, especially when he is tired and we are tired.

So Sam stayed home today, while Hanna realised after she arrived at the pool (they had swimming lessons today) that she had forgotten her swimmers and towel. So she ran home through the snow without coat and gloves, and was in tears when I got home from dropping off Isak. I cycled back to the pool with her, went back to school and rechecked Isak’s blood sugar, and then came home to work out what to do with Sam. Maria had spent some time talking to him about school issues, but things were clearly not resolved, even if they seemed better than earlier in the morning.

Meanwhile, Maria has had some stresses at work which she has had to deal with, and the thought of returning to work tomorrow with so many issues at home unresolved is not easy.

Such is life just now…


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