Snow, snow, snow

It feels like real winter now. Although the snow that fell last week quickly melted away, and the end of the week was only grey and wet, yesterday morning we looked out into the morning darkness to discover a fresh fall thinly covering the ground. The day stayed cold and by the afternoon the snow which had fallen in the morning was getting icy.

This morning was cold and grey, and by 3 this afternoon snow had begun to fall again. We were out with the pulka (toboggan) and bob (sled) when it came, and the wind on top of the hill near our flat was blowing the snow horizontal into our faces. The slope down which the kids was racing had only a slight covering; it was slippery enough for a good ride, but it was a mixture of snow and grass rather than a pure white slope. The falling snow brought hopes of a better covering tomorrow.

It has been snowing steadily ever since, and now at 10.15 pm the view from our bedroom window is magical. A pure white powder, like icing sugar, covers everything: all the hard edges of the world have been softened away as if a soft blanket had been laid over it. The snow is still falling so I am filled with anticipation for tomorrow.

How good I feel, to have the snow here at last. It may not be here long: the forecast is for a warming again in the week ahead. Bit tomorrow there will be some fun to be had!


One thought on “Snow, snow, snow

  1. I found your blog and I’ve reciprocated the link. How have you been up and blogging for so long without me knowing?

    I’ve enjoyed browsing through some of your archives and the photos are great.

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