The best day

The kids usually read in bed before they turn the light off. Tonight Hanna asked if it was OK if she danced instead of reading. So she shut the door of her room, turned on some music and danced away.

Why, you ask? Because it snowed, and she was so happy. It had been the best day, she said when she got home from school. Tonight both Maria and I were out and mormor and morfar were home with the children. Hanna and morfar made a snowman before she went to bed.

Brickebacken is a little higher than the rest of town. Much of the snow has already melted “down there” but here it is thicker on the ground now than this morning. The forecast is for warmer weather, so we will see how long the snow lasts.

Whatever happens, it won’t change the fact that today was “the best day…”


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